There have been cases that manual handling legislation has been indicative of the amount of load or weight that materials handling equipment can apply. Usually, the manual handling legislation is to ensure that safety and protection of the work environment is preserved, which is crucial in maintaining the employees’ welfare.

Among the most used manual handling equipment in the market is the pallet stackers. Usually, this is often taken to be quite similar to that of the forklift. The reason is both of these manual handling equipment or tools have one purpose in mind, and that is to carry and move around heavy materials or any goods that are deemed to be part of the operations. Using the services of these manual handling solutions will certainly give way for better and quicker portability and mobility to heavily lade objects.

The Difference Between the Two

Pallet stackers are the best choice for materials handling equipment, especially when it comes to mobility and ease of movement. These manual handling solutions are initially mistaken to be the same as that of the forklifts. However, the foremost difference between the two is that forklifts are larger machines, and these will be unfit for use on the smaller spaces or warehouses. The pallet stackers are smaller devices that can be operated on manually or electronically.

On the other hand, the pallet electric stacker are manual handling equipment that are considered to be more compact yet fully functional and able to work with carrying larger and heavier loads. For many companies, they prefer to have this simply because it is more manageable than others.